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  • 10 vibes from Trabzon

    like locals

    Breakfast: do not leave the city before you try the famous breakfast with kuymak in one of the numerous breakfast restaurants in Trabzon.

    Uzun Sokak (Long Street): As you walk down this car-free street you will encounter a lot of boutiques, bookstores, shoe stores, gift shops, electronic appliance stores, and large department stores.

    Kemeraltı: There are various stores in the historical Kemeraltı district where you can find traditional woven products, hardwares, woven bracelets and telkâri products of Trabzon. 

    Trabzon Castle: Xenophon who saw the city in 4th century B.C. mentions the castle walls. Trabzon castle walls are divided in three parts including Upper Hisar, Inner Castle, Middle Hisar and Lower Hisar. 

    Atatürk Mansion: Atatürk Mansion is a registered building consisting of 4 floors including the basement floor. You can see texts of the speech Atatürk gave at the dinner of Trabzon Municipality on September 15, 1924 hung on the walls of the hall on the ground floor which leads to the other spaces on the ground floor. Photos of Atatürk from various nationwide tours, photos of Atatürk Mansion and a map of Türkiye including pencil markings made by Atatürk himself are hung on the walls of the hall on the first floor. 

    Bedesten: It has a squarish rectangular plan with 20,60 x 22,60 m external dimensions. It is the only bedesten among Turkish Bedestens with a single dome.

    Süleyman the Magnificent Ottoman Culture House: The reign of Süleyman the Magnificent is known as the brightest period in the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The house is located in the neighborhood where Süleyman the Magnificent was born.

    Hagia Sophia Mosque: The bell tower dating back to 1427 is on the western side of the church. The ruins of the chapel with three abscises on the northern side of the church belongs to an earlier age. The building was converted to a mosque following Mehmet the Conqueror’s conquest of Trabzon and has become a charitable foundation building.

    Trabzon City Museum: Trabzon City Museum, which has been opened with a modern understanding of museology presents Trabzon culture to your taste from past to present.

    Tea: Deep blue Black Sea lying before heavenly view of Trabzon and delight of tea in copper tea urn are irreplaceable joys of the people of Trabzon as well as the visitors.