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    Sometimes sad, mostly joyful Karadeniz folk songs, which reflect the feelings and thoughts of people in the region are best covered by local people. We either get immersed in thoughts or begin a cheerful horon with authentic accents and melodies of those songs.

    Horon is an essential element of all engagement and wedding ceremonies and an absolute must of all festivals and carnivals. If you come across especially one of the festivals arranged at Trabzon highlands, you will witness hundreds of people dancing horon for hours and you cannot help joining with all your heart. It is among irreplaceable values of the region; it signifies the common ground of togetherness and excitement in highland festivals, wedding ceremonies and military service sendoffs.

    Kemençe occupies a great place of the lives of locals of Trabzon who enjoy having fun arm in arm. Karadeniz kemençe, has survived until today thanks to tradition-bound locals of the Black Sea region.