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    Handicrafts, having developed from two different sources as rural and urban, stand out with functionality in rural areas. Silk, linen, breechcloth, keffiyeh, flax and cotton weaving craftsmanship as well as jewelry and carpentry are performed in advanced level in small businesses in the region. Art of kazaziye among these is formed by winding silk threads to make tram silk in textile. An art of jewelry has become famous in the region by winding gold and silver wires on silk threads. Trabzon style woven bracelets are made by weaving gold or silver thin wires with necessary equipment with a special technique.

    The artisans, who have extremely improved copperworking in the city for centuries because it is a port city, still create the most beautiful examples of traditional jewelry with techniques like kazaz and telkâri - and Sürmene knives –mostly made to order- are the main products unique to the region.